Friday, October 9, 2015

~pumpkin spice cake recipe~

You can make it in a different size pan depending on how dense you want them.
I also ended up cutting mine out with pumpkin cookie cutters for fun!



Anonymous said...

I am consumed with thoughts of d├ęcor and home keeping. Out of all the blogs I run thru each day, you are the most reliable. Even if it is only a small post, you are almost always out there with something to entertain us on a daily basis. It is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I have a recipe very similar. I bake it in a bundt pan. It is a delicious breakfast cake or snack anytime!! :)

Melaine Thompson said...

Thank you!!!

Picnic Benches said...

Looks deli! Wanna try this at home. Thanks!

mejamieson said...

Curious what size is the can of pumpkin in the recipe?

likeschocolate said...

Looks fantastic! Love Pumpkin!

wedding photography cornwall said...

Loving that planking on the walls!!

Anonymous said...

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Anthony said...

Awesome, this looks so delicious. I love pumpkin flavor so much, I can’t wait to try your recipe. Thank you so much for sharing this post!

Andi said...

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Tom Croos said...

Spice cake amazing thing and I love to eat this. By the way, thanks for share this recipe...

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Unknown said...

I enjoyed cooking and experimenting with new recipes. I will try the way you suggested. It's not like I do. thank you for sharing. It will be better than what I do. bloxorz

siska said...
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