Thursday, November 19, 2015


Thank you to everyone who entered in the Between You And Me Giveaway sponsored with the One Room Challenge reveal.

The Winner is……..

OnChestnutRidge said...
How to choose my favorite about your basement? I have already found the map of the lake I live on (Mapiful) and am ready to purchase - so that must be my favorite! I really love everything ... the doggie gate, the lockers, the reading nook, the buffalo check and lights. You have outdone yourself and I hope you enjoy it every single time you walk inside! My favorite Between You and Me sign at the moment is "You are fearfully and wonderfully made". Thank you for the opportunity!

I will be sending you an email, so be on the lookout for that1


Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

Congrats to the winner! A few years ago I was lucky enough to win one of Between You and Me's Christmas signs! I actually keep it up year round (it's large) and cover it with a piece of an old map, wrapping paper or whatever strikes my fancy, then at the holidays it's all up and ready to shine!

AmberNDahl said...

That was sweet of you to do a giveaway! I'm glad I found it so I got to see your room reveal. Congrats to the winner!

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