Wednesday, January 6, 2016

~a table makeover~

This really should be titled, "Making the most out of what you have."
Do you remember this console table behind our couch? 

The picture above is to show you the components for the dog kennel, normally it looks like this below, where it is barely visible from the front.

Well, now that the dogs have a new kennel downstairs, it was time to take the old sides and gate off this one.
While I was taking these components off, I realized that it would be a lot nicer to have a narrower table  in that spot. You see, even being a few inches narrower would open up the walkway between the stair railing to the basement and the couch.

I decided it was a good time since I had it out, to re-work it, so to speak.
You see the top is made up of tongue and groove wood, so it was really easy to eliminate a few pieces to make it narrower.

I literally took apart the whole table piece by piece and put the top back together like a puzzle.
I only had to cut down the side pieces to fit the smaller top.
After the top was assembled, I decided to give it some new legs. 
They don't really show that much, but the 4x4 posts were a temporary solution, and it needed a little updating.
So, I went out to my studio to see what materials I had to work with and ended up dismantling an old gate and using those pieces as legs.

I really love the new look.
I took a quick picture before I put all the furniture back in to show you.
You also get a sneak peek of our new floors here too-more on those to come.

I was all ready to go out and buy a whole new table and I am so glad I didn't.
It just took a few hours, if that, and I didn't have to spend a dime!



Unknown said...

I like the new design of the table.

Judy said...

I love the "new" table! My DIL is looking for something similar to go behind their new sectional and I actually mentioned yours to her....she needs something narrow but unfortunately none of us have carpentry skills. You wouldn't consider coming south to build one would you? (LOL). They have a pool and are about 30 minutes from the beach!

We got our hardwoods a few years ago and LOVE will love yours too! I can't wait to see the full reveal.

Unknown said...

Very nice redo!! I luv when we can reuse and reluv something we already have instead of having to buy new. The new leg design is beautiful!

[email protected] Stroll Thru Life said...

I love it. I think a narrow table behind a sofa is fabulous, maybe I need one.

karen said...

You da man , Melanie!!!

Painters Melbourne said...

good job guys !

Ĺ“uvres d'art originales said...

Love, love, love the newly designed table, Melanie. Well done you. Cheers, Ardith

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I love this Melaine! The detail of the legs is so pretty!! I have been looking forever for a slim console table to use as a desk in my living room and maybe I should have started looking in my garage at all the lumber scraps I have out there! Thanks for the inspiration.

Unknown said...

What a cute idea, and I love the new legs. We love our dogs too, too much. I would love for you to share this at my flea market Friday party at

Carla said...

That's why they pay you the big bucks. LOL. I love how you transformed your table. Too cute
I would have bought a new one because I have no vision.
thanks for sharing yours.


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