Monday, January 4, 2016

~back from break & some favorite new books!~

It is so nice to take time off from the computer and spend time with the family.
We had a great Christmas, New Years, and a few birthdays in there too!
Kids went back to school today.
Although I have put most of the holiday decor away there are still a few things left.
I need to unstring lights off trees outside and take some wreaths down.

But I love this time because it really feels like a fresh start.
I love the clean slate of the house with no added decorations and over the last couple weeks I have been doing a little light reading with some new decor books.
Each one is different and has great ideas. 

The first one is Inspired Interiors by Suzanne Kasler.
You can find it here.
It's a HUGE book with a ton of eye candy.
It has made me want to de-clutter everything in my house!

This book I got for a Christmas gift.
It's really more reading than pictures, but it is very useful I think.
You can find your copy here.

This book I have read over and over again.
It is by far one of my favorites {like top 2!}
Go get it, like now!
Find a copy here.

And finally, this book is a little quirky, and I might not be able to pull off her look in my lifetime, but it was so fun to read!
No wonder it's a best seller.
Find your copy here.

I'd love to hear of any good design books you have read.
I have been wanting to get this one, has anyone read it?



BaileyWife said...

Habitat is on top of my favorite list, from Lauren Liess, I also just received the Year of Cozy, The Inspired Room, and Ranches of the American West. All beautiful inspiring books! ~Kim

Julie @ Creating This Life said...

I got Eddie Ross' Modern Mix and Ellen Degeneres' Home book for Christmas. Loving them both.

Mary Dauzat said...

Anna Spiro's book is a must! Love her style.

Mary Dauzat said...
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[email protected] said...

Absolutely Beautiful things is a awesome book filled with the most beautiful and colorful image. Definitely worth adding to your book collection. And it makes a gorgeous coffee table book in late spring/summer.
And Eddie Ross' book, Modern Mix is another must have.

oopsy daisy said...

I savored every page of Sarah Style by Sarah Richardson!! So, SO good!! :)

oopsy daisy said...

Sarah Style was her first book - At Home Sarah Style is her latest. Both are coffee table worthy!!!

Slow Marks said...

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