Thursday, January 14, 2016

~how to paint a vintage looking sign~

I've done tutorials on this in the past, but when I put this picture on Instagram, I had more people asking.
So, for those newbies, or for those who just want a refresher course, here ya go!

You can use new wood and distress it, or use old wood.
I used this sign that I previously made for the holidays.
I simply took off the letters and sanded it down.

Decide on the wording for your sign and print it on your computer in the appropriate size and font.
I like to use a paper cutter to cut the letters out evenly.

Lay them out on your piece of wood to make sure they are the appropriate size.
I had to print mine a couple times to get the size I wanted.

Then flip each letter over and scribble pencil lead all over the outline of each letter.

Once you are happy with the size of the letters, and the backs have pencil on them, tape them on, spaced evenly.
I use a tape measure to make sure they are even and straight.
Use a ballpoint pen to trace around each letter.
The pencil will transfer off onto the wood.

Remove the paper and fill in the pencil with paint.

When it is dry, distress it with sandpaper, dark wax, or anything you'd like to age it.

Happy painting!


Sofie said...

Awesome! It looks great!

Heart said...

Vintage is always beautiful.

ACB said...

Before you print your letters, edit the font so that it's just printing the outline with no fill. That will save you ink! You really only need the outline anyway :)

east coast styler said...

I like the color combo you chose for this sign.

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Enamel said...

As a producer of classical Enamel, I have to say, you have done a pretty oustanding job in recreating them just by basic tools! Keep it up with the work ;)

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