Friday, January 8, 2016

~purpose in style~

I didn't blog yesterday and I felt really guilty.
I like to be consistent with my Monday-Friday posts, but yesterday my computer just wasn't cooperating.
Thankfully it's back up and running!

I wanted to let you all know, for those of you that don't, or are just new to my blog, about a fun thing a few of us do on instagram.

We are calling it "purpose in style" and it's a hashtag we use to show our friends/followers how we truly live in the homes we have created for our families. 
So much emphasis is put on pretty pictures of rooms. 
A perfectly set table, a freshly made bed, etc. 
But, we want to see how you play, eat, and work in your homes!

Every Monday we

and these 3 that are new to the group this week, yay!

will show you a photo of how we live in our homes with a photo on instagram.
If you want to play along, you can do the same by tagging us and using the hashtag,
#purposeinstyle .

Every Friday we gather our favorites and narrow it down to one that we all feature on our accounts.
Here are some of the photo/accounts that we feel capture this hashtag perfectly:


I hope all of you that have instagram will follow along and you are all encouraged to join in.
We love seeing all your photos of your 



Ginger said...

Hey, Melaine.

I'm one of those silent followers you've had for years. LOVE your blog and insight. :)

I was wondering if Lauren at Farmhouse for Four has a blog. I have a friend with the same exact floor plan as her and we have been searching high and low for Lauren's blog and can't find one! As you might imagine, it's kinda fun to see her home through another lens. Fingers crossed!


Melaine Thompson said...

Ginger, I don't think so! :(

Lisa @ Ruthie Bell Home said...

All these places still look pretty perfect to me!

Unknown said...

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Mary Ann Pickett said...

What a fun thing! Great photos. I am going to try to participate!

Unknown said...

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Robin said...

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Robin said...

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