Thursday, March 17, 2016

~Easter gift basket ideas for teens~{or adults}

With a girl and boy teen in the house, I am having to get a little more clever than the typical Easter baskets I put together for them when they were little.
When they were little they liked mostly candy and little toys.

This year I thought I'd put a little more "thought" into their baskets,
 and go beyond the typical candy treats.
Of course this option will cost me a bit more, but personally I think my kids are worth it~ha!
{and this will not happen every year!}

Knowing they won't be reading this, here is what they will be getting!
I am going with a pink theme for Savannah and a blue theme for Cody.
I also think these baskets would be great for adults, if you happen to need a Easter hostess gift or something similar.


A book is always a good idea, and she's been hinting for this one:

This candle is one of her favorites and one of mine!

She hinted for this at Christmas and didn't get it, so now is the perfect time!

How appropriate is this?

Instead of the usual fake grass, I will be using pink tissue in Savannah's basket and white tissue in Cody's.

~CODY, AGE 13~

A book for boys….

They are both getting different versions of these.
I don't care how old you are, everyone needs a stuffed animal.

A novelty toy….

And this doesn't fall into the "blue" category, but this will also be in his basket:

Of course, I will be adding lots of chocolate as well!

I want to know, do you go all out on Easter baskets with more gift type items?
Or, do you stick to more of the usual candy and chocolates?



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