Wednesday, March 2, 2016

~how to make a coloring page in PicMonkey~

Adult coloring pages are popping up all over the place.
So I thought I'd show you how you can make your own using PicMonkey.

1-start by clicking on the DESIGN tab at the top center of PicMonkey.

2-Choose your SIZE. For mine I did a square.

3-On the left hand side of the page click on the butterfly symbol which is for OVERLAYS.

4-Scroll through the options until you find something you like and an image that isn't solid. 
I chose a BIRD for my first image. 

You can enlarge and rotate the image at this point if you wish.
I added several birds and just tried to space them as evenly as possible.

5-Keep adding more images.
I added the BURSTING BLOSSOMS image, and again, added them randomly adjusting the size.

6-At this point you can be done, or keep adding to it.

7-Click the SAVE button to save it to your computer.

Now it is ready to print and color!

Here is two of the ones I made if you just want to print them out and color, feel free!

 I thought this one sort of resembled clouds and was kinda fun.

Happy coloring!



Little Vintage Cottage said...

Ooohhhh fun!!!

Thank you for the tutorial!! Would it be alright if I made one for my readers if I give you credit for the tutorial and link back to you?


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Interesting post.

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Ranveer Patil said...

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Little Vintage Cottage said...

Thanks for letting me use your tutorial to make a coloring page to share! Here is what I created:

Little Vintage Cottage

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