Thursday, April 28, 2016

~beachy wish list~

Leaving behind the tropical waters, palm trees, and beaches to return to the rain is not always fun.
But I have a way to add that coastal beach look to your own home so you can always feel like you are on vacation!

This woven abaca tray would look great on a coffee table or kitchen island:

Pineapple decor is huge this season, and this cutting board is too cute:

These candles will make your home smell fresh and beachy:

This lamp shade has such vibrant colors!

This insulated tumbler by Kate Spade will keep your drinks nice and cool!

Have a pool or live on a lake?
I think I need one of these!

This is the closest thing I have ever smelled to the beach, for real.
If you haven't smelled this you are seriously missing out.

These towels are lightweight and roll up nicely in a beach bag.

And if you want to lounge in comfort and style, I recommend one of these down throwbeds, they are heaven!

Hopefully this will bring a little sunshine into your lives!


Leigh said...

What a cute pineapple.

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