Friday, April 29, 2016

~recent styling work~

I recently helped a friend who needed a little styling work at her house.
Her house is gorgeous to begin with, it just needed art on the walls, some shelf styling, etc.
She is a single mom with 2 girls so it was really fun to be able to use pinks and girly things all over.

Sugarboo Designs pillow from here.

Misc. picture frames made by me out of reclaimed wood.
I also made the black frame with the quote.
Sign from here.
Now all she needs to do is add photos!

I picked those giant snowball branches that morning, they are so pretty!

Mugs from here and cup holder from here.

The stools are super comfy and fit in perfectly here.
You can find them here.

Another Sugarboo Designs pillow.

Fabulous tray from HomeGoods.
Coffee table book can be found here.

Isn't that a breath of fresh air?
Have a great weekend!


Roamie said...

Love that sofa!! It all looks beautiful!

Katie said...

Very inviting and warm. I love it! Nice work. Funny how the details can really make a place feel less like just furniture in a room and more like a home. Thanks for sharing where you bought these items!

-Katie (

Andi said...

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Leigh said...

Those pillows look so soft and cuddly and I like the wooden base, branch and glass.

bloxorz said...

Looks delicious and beautiful! It will definitely be delicious and it will be a great weekend when all my family come here to enjoy some of their food!
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