Tuesday, April 26, 2016

~this could certainly be my dream home~

Flipping through the pages of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles latest issue, I stopped dead in my tracks on page 60.
The article is called, feathering the nest, and features the home of Meg and Scott Harrington.

I am drooling!
The exterior is painted Alabaster by Sherwin Williams on the facade and Pavestone by Sherwin Williams on the shutters. The front door is Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore.

I'm moving in tomorrow.


Roamie said...

I see some Joanna Gaines style here! Love the white with dark floors.

karen said...

I'm moving right now.
See ya!

AntiqueChase said...

Hi Melanie,
Which issue is this? Is it May??

bhavinder rao said...
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[email protected] said...

Me too! Love everything! The front door, the windows....all of it inside and out!

christyjames said...

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Leigh said...

I like the furnishings.

Anzzz said...

obviously Im moving into dream and I feel like I need to there in those photos

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Our house looks like this!

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