Monday, April 18, 2016

~tree farm day~

I mostly post on home decor and interiors, but every now and then I sneak in something about our life, our neighborhood, or something more personal.

Once a year our neighbors all get together for what we call Tree Farm Day. 
Each year we do a different task which takes about 1/2 the day but is also broken up with lots of food and a BBQ.
This year was our 34th annual Tree Farm Day.

We planted 600 western red cedar and 400 Douglas fir. 
As a community we own around 400 acres.
If you would like to read about it more in detail, you can go here.

This year our daughter Savannah was appointed as the official photographer.
I think she did a wonderful job, here are a few photos to go with the story:

Can you tell I love our little community?

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