Wednesday, May 25, 2016

~Fourth of July Faves~

I know it's only almost June, but the Fourth Of July is right around the corner.
I love this holiday and I wanted to share with you a little inspiration, red, white, and blue style.

I love, love, love this dress.

It's so cute to use an American Flag as a tablecloth, but it is not looked highly upon.
Instead, use this to create the same look!

Here is a different take on the standard flag pillow, I love it!

Plant a red geranium in one of  these for instant patriotic color!

These are so fun and can be placed just about anywhere to liven up a space:

Bundle up to watch the fireworks show in this blanket which can be used year round.

And here's a little decorating inspiration for you, for the upcoming holiday.
I framed this vintage flag and hung it up high.
It could be left up year round too!

This blue and white decorated cottage is darling!

I love all the pillows here from House Beautiful, I may have to copy it!

I found some more pillows for you 
if you too would like to replicate this look!



Fabiana said...

Thanks for sharing the blue and White cottage! It was a favorite on the Newport Harbor Home and Garden Tour. The interior designer designed it for her parents who live next door to her.

Have a lovely weekend...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pillow candy! Nom-nom-nom-yums! We'll be headed to Maine on the 4th so hopefully we'll see some fireworks from above. Sending sparklers & cheers, Danielle

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

So many great ideas! I love them all

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Sarah from colorado said...

Love the inspiration-and its posting now gives me time to try to sew the flag swag on a pillow! Thank you.

Candy Sim said...

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