Monday, May 9, 2016

~how I use blue & white in my neutral home~

In the last year or so I have fallen in love with blue and white pottery and continue to collect it.
I think it works for all seasons.
Here are a few pieces in my house and how I use them.

They look great in a grouping and mixed with mercury glass as a simple table setting.

And surprisingly I found that they look great at Christmas mixed in with red and green.

This is one of my favorites.

I got this one at a second hand store for under $10.00.

They make great vases and to keep with my mostly neutral home, I like to add faded flower hues.

I even mixed them with my brown and white transferware one Thanksgiving.

This is a new one I just picked up at a local antique store.
It's a vintage ironstone pitcher.

This bowl is not old, it's from HomeGoods, but I still love it.

Another shot from Christmas one year.

I have a million pictures of this one vase because I love it so much.

I even cook in them.
This is a great recipe for a one bowl brownie I posted about here.
I got these bowls at the Japanese dollar store.

I am on the hunt for a blue and white garden stool now.
I have yet to find just the perfect one.

To find out where to buy some of these lovelies, head over here.

Happy Monday friends!



Calypso In The Country said...

I love all your blue and white pieces. I just decorated the kitchen using my blue and white accessories and realized that I need MORE! I feel like most of my wardrobe is blue and white as well. Can't get enough!

Unknown said...

blue and white is such a classic look, and it always looks good...I loved it paired with the neutrals...

Pinky said...

I have been collecting blue and white pieces for over 30 years so have a large collection! Your favorite is called a happiness jar. Come on over and search for Blue and white on my blog to see my collection if you would like!

Sheila @ Maison de Cinq said...

Love, LOVE blue and white Melaine! It looks so pretty in your house, and it's timeless and classic. I recently decided to re-do my family room and change the accent color from red to blue. Can't wait to see the change and the freshness the blue and white brings to the space!


designchic said...

Such beautiful blues and whites - adore your kitchen...stunning! Happy Tuesday!

Leigh said...

They do go well with a lot of other ceramics.

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vex 3 said...

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Unknown said...

I like pottery. It has classic luxury. thanks for your suggestion. bloxorz

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