Monday, May 23, 2016

~our new Dutch door!~

I have always wanted a dutch door, something about them just seems so charming and almost story book like. I have always kept my eyes open for one whenever I would go shopping or junking, but I never found one the right size.
But then one day my friend called and told me about one she saw at a local salvage shop.
I looked up the measurements and they were almost spot on. 
{we had to cut it down just a little}

So that day I drove into Seattle and bought it, and on Mother's Day my husband installed it.
The next day I primed and painted it and here it is!

I love how the breeze comes in, yet it still keeps the dogs out, ha ha.

It was solid wood when I bought it, it had not been painted.
I knew with this door I wanted to do a really good job painting it and having it last, so I used Modern Masters Never-Fades Front Door Paint.
I primed it first, per the instructions on the jar, applied 2 coats and touch up, and it was finished all in the same day!

I chose black, or in their paint it is called, "elegant"

I will follow up with you to let you know how it's looking over time, but I think I am in love and I am thinking I will be painting the rest of our exterior doors now as well!

If you'd like to buy this paint yourselves, you can find it online 
{it comes in 24 different colors}

Be sure to come back tomorrow for our Summer home tour Part One!



Anonymous said...

My husband made a dutch door for our den. We have two pit bulls that are very friendly but very over powering. When we have guests over, they go into the den and the bottom is shut and the top is kept open so they don't feel completely ignored. The only problem is that our kitten can't get in or out without help and it is starting to be a problem. My husband is going to put a little cat door in for Lucy. What we do for our pets.

Cheyanne said...

Omg this dutch door is beautiful! Now I want one!

Sharon Bahr said...

I too have always loved a Dutch door. I want one! My thought always was though that the house would get bugs galore. How did you overcome this fear?

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