Tuesday, May 3, 2016

~what I am loving at World Market right now~

World Market is my go to place for inexpensive finds.
They are constantly changing up their inventory and always seem to have the most trending looks.
Here are a few things that I saw while shopping there the other day that caught my eye.
Any of these things could work in various style homes.

This mango wood lantern is perfect for summer.

This set of 2 knobs are gorge.

This brass peacock hook is only $12.99!

This table is great, and you could spray paint it any color if you don't like the black.
Think high gloss white!

Oh my goodness, I want these!
2 over a kitchen island would be so nice!!!

This is similar to this one that I have in our living room.

And I am still loving these chairs….

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you are loving at World Market right now!



[email protected] Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Great finds from the World Market! Love that store!

Peggy said...

The basket shade lights, absolutely gorgeous, right?! I wouldn't recommend them for a working kitchen though. I had one almost identical in my kitchen and it was the biggest dust/grease/smell magnet. It looked absolutely gorgeous but all I can say is ick!!!! Honestly I took out the bulbs once a week, put a towel under it, and sprayed it down with cleaner weekly in order to keep it nice.

We love World Market!! It's one of my biggest sources for quirky accessories! Our biggest challenge has been keeping said accessories as our boys have a tendency to shop my house for their rooms/military dorms.

Leigh said...

The mango wood lantern is nice

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