Tuesday, June 7, 2016

~mix match chairs~{love it or hate it}

I happen to love the look.
Curious to see what you think of this mix matched look!


Personally, I LOVE the look!
Here are a few chairs that I think would be darling together.

This black chair can be found here.

This Pottery Barn chair can be found here.

This chair would look good too.

Maybe these at the head of the table?

And then maybe a couple of these in antique copper?

I think the look is relaxed, fun, and a little unexpected!


Acorn to Oak said...

I love that look! I bought a big, chunky table recently with plans of finding mix and match antique chairs to go with it. I've been searching and searching and found that many old chairs are quite small. So, that has made it challenging. I've found a few but have started adding some newer ones to the mix. It's coming along slowly. :-D

melinda said...

Not a fan !

Anonymous said...

I love this look too! It is what I have had with my old oak table for years---but all of my chairs are old (but sturdy). I am not so fond of mixing new looking chairs in with the old, but that's just me. Marie

Anonymous said...

Melaine, I love this look, I have this mix match look in my kitchen. It happened by accident. A few years ago, my family grew, I had a black table from PB in my kitchen and 4 chairs. I had to get more and the chairs I had weren't available so I decided to buy in pairs a mixture. What happened in necessity has grown on us. I have had many complements on it . I kept all mine black but I even have two with rush seats. Love it! M. J.

McBean Home said...

Wow, what a lovely blog. Thank you so much for featuring a chair from my Etsy shop. I love that little chair with all that painted on history. I also love the mix and match look, when done thoughtfully is can be very successful.
Cheri at McBeanHomeVintage.etsy.com

Unknown said...
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Wendy Johnson said...

I like most of the chairs you picked but I don't care for a bunch of random chairs together. I have used 2 kinds ,more out of necessity and liked it fine. I am not one to mind what other people do in their homes though either.

Little Vintage Cottage said...

I love this look too, in fact I'm working on finding some mis-matched chairs for my dining table :o)


Laura D. Penaloza said...

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John Forrester said...

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Rodney Sanchez said...

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