Wednesday, June 15, 2016

~my favorite green paint colors~

I'm itching to paint something green.
It's my favorite color, I am surprised I don't have more of it in my house.

One of my all time favorites is
Rosemary by Sherwin Williams:

Here it is on a bed, which I love.

I also love a deep, rich, moody green.
Valspar's Ocean Storm is a great one:

Looks great with beige and gray.

Privilege Green by Sherwin Williams is another one I love:

It looks so good on these shutters!

Underseas by Sherwin Williams is also very pretty:

I like the idea too of just a little splash of green on furniture.
Rhododendron Leaf by Martha Stewart is a great green:

And finally, a great grey/green.
Chatroom by Sherwin Williams:

If you have any great green colors I need to know about, please share in the comments section, I would love to hear!



Trisha said...

We just painted the exterior of our house Conifer by Behr. I didn't know if I would like it but now that it is painted, I love it!


Kirstin Humann Thompson said...

Fernwood Green by Benjamin Moore is a fantastic interior green. It looks great with black and off-white. It is my perfect guest room or home office color.

Gee Singh Newbanks said...

I just painted our entryway console Valspar Grandma's linen ( used to make home made chalk paint , with an off white wash over it). And we are choosing Valspar green tea leaves when we paint our exterior in the Fall. Both are beautiful sage greens not even a shade apart.
With creamy white trim and a soft black door. The door was just replaced an painted. New beautiful white trimmed windows just got installed.
LUV it.
Thanks for featuring green. So many people feature blues. Nothing against blues, but I have always been a green girl.
Hugs, Gee

Jennifer Frolish said...

You should look at Benjamin Moore's Great Barrington Green. It's a terrific olive green. I've painted all my outdoor entry doors this color and I absolutely love it. Like you I'm trying to figure out what else I can paint...!!

JC said...

Hello, great selection! I painted the exterior of my house Chatroom and it's perfect. I have been looking for new door colors to compliment it and one of these might be the one!

Kathy said...

Just this last season I had the kitchen cabinets in our desert place painted the same color as your picture of the bed ~ lots of folks said "don't do it" but ooh la la did they come out great, glad I took the chance. I think of green as neutral, maybe because of the trees and grass all around us, it goes with everything. It is one of my favorite colors as well.

Sheila @ Maison de Cinq said...

Oh, like you I just love green! It has been out of favor the last few years which really bummed me out. When I was doing the bedding for my bedroom two years ago I literally couldn't find ANY green options at any of the big catalog retailers (PB, RH, etc). None! I ended up buying an older green RH duvet on Ebay! I'm hoping it's time is coming back! Remember when "Martha Stewart" green was so big in the 90's? I still have green in my master bath, bedroom and living room. But I struggle because it is really hard to find pillows and anything else that will work in the rooms. Right now I'm about to re-do the family room, and I'm choosing blues (or at least, I say I am!) though part of me would prefer green. It is my favorite color! I did a post on greens as well a few months ago because I was reading that it's "back" - though I can't say that I've found that to be true.... yet!

I especially love that Sherwin Williams color above, and I adore the child's bed in the green as well. Great post Melaine!


designchic said...

Such pretty shades, Melaine. I love the gray-green in the kitchen - calm and beautiful. Happy weekend!

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