Thursday, June 9, 2016

~summer home tour part 2~

Welcome to our home!
Today I am sharing it as a part of my friend Lindsay's blog hop.
If you have come over from Burlap and Lace, welcome!
You can see the first part of our summer tour here. 
Our living room has a casual relaxed feel to it.
The sectional is big enough for all of us to fit on for family movie nights, etc. 

I keep extra blankets in a vintage industrial rolling cart, which keeps them hidden but still accessible. 

The coffee table was my husbands train table from when he was a kid.
I love using things in my decor that have a special meaning.

Right off of our  living room is the dining room.
To me, summer is about relaxing and not taking things too seriously.
So this is the mood I wanted to create.
A mix and match of chairs keeps things from being to serious.
I just recently added the white tolix chairs and I love them.

I kept things light and airy with the natural rug and white cowhide.

In keeping with the informal look, I used a bunch of different pieces of vintage 
white ironstone to set the table.

The view going to the mud room downstairs.

Our kitchen is off of the living/dining room and has a very simple clean look for summer.
I used all white dishes and serving pieces in the glass front cabinets.

I couldn't resist this little dog pitcher when I saw it in a thrift store.

I debated on changing out the colored plates to all white, but I like the little bit of color on this wall.

Our daughter Savannah is 17 and her room is one of my favorite spaces in our home.
She has a huge king bed, and it's so comfy.

I had these custom brass sconces made and I love the modern vintage feel they add.
The little gold pot with the orchid is from Anthropologie.

I have wanted to use this Schumacher Pyne Hollyhock fabric somewhere, and thought her bed would be a great place. I had 3 European shams made and they are perfect on her bed!

The zebra printed cowhide is new too and adds a fun punch to her room.

She also picked out some new bedding which is so soft!
The coverlet can be found here and the shams here.
The bedskirt is so pretty!

And the last stop on our tour is our sons room.
He is 13 and loves sports and hanging out with friends.

His bedding is a mix of Ikea, Target, and Hedgehouse USA.

Summertime means sleepovers, and these throwbeds are the perfect thing for that.

His bathroom is hard to photograph but I wanted to show a new rug I just got for the space.
You can find this particular one here.
It is very plush and soft underfoot and is the perfect addition to his little bathroom.
You can follow along with Sukhi rugs on Instagram and Facebook too.

The towels are from Grand Bazaar shopping here.
I like that they can double as beach towels.

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to tour our home!
Up next on the tour is Jennifer Rizzo, you won't want to miss her tour.
And here is the full lineup:




Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i just love savannah's bedroom- it's such a gorgeous and luxe feeling space.

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Your whole home is gorgeous!! Love all the special details and the feel it throws! Beautiful!! :) Have a lovely day! xo Holly

Randi Garrett said...

I love your style! I have followed your blog for years, you always inspire me with your creativity and charming style!
xo Randi

Sukhi Team said...

Dear Melaine, this is a really nice house...we like it! Thank you for spreading our story. We love the new location of the little Sukhi rug :)

Ashlyine Brooke said...

I was getting bore since morning but as soon as I got this link & reached at this blog, I turned into fresh and also joyful too.RYAN


I love savannah's bedroom- it's such a gorgeous and luxe feeling space.
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Ruth Boucher said...

What products are your kitchen countertop and backsplash - I love them?

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senta said...

Very lovely home, love all design.

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