Friday, June 3, 2016

~that was then, this is now~

Looking back at yesterdays post on our home in The Old Painted Cottage, cottage of the month, I realized so much has changed over the years!

Our master bathroom in 2010:

Our master bathroom in 2016:

Our master bedroom 2010:

And our master bedroom 2016:

Our sons bathroom when he had a western themed room, 2010:

His bathroom doors now, 2016:

Hallway nook 2010:
{this used to be a hall closet that I took the doors off of to create this seating area.

  And now in 2016:

Our kitchen in 2010:

And 2016:
{yes, I have the same barstools!}

It's crazy to see the changes over the years and to see how my taste changes.
Do you keep and compare photos like this?


MDezri said...

I have been reading your blog for ages, it is always so full of beautiful vignettes, great DIY's and so many amazing before and afters...always inspiring! Seeing today's post makes me think how great a blog would be in that you will always have a journal of sorts to remember all the different stages of your house and its decor :) My blogging attempts have been abandoned, mostly due to my lack of photography skill - but just seeing your post today, I may give my blog another shot! Thank-you!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

I am loving the light fixture in your kitchen, mind sharing where it came from? I'm desperately trying to locate something fun and exciting for my "new" kitchen, thank you in advance.
fondly ~ Lynne ~

Heart said...

You have a beautiful house. I can say it has become even more beautiful this year. Good taste!

Melaine said...

They are 2 lights from kenroy home that we combined into one with pipe!

Kathy said...

Stunning transformation, but have to say I like them both, either way you go it's fun and beautiful

Linda Anderson said...

Jaw dropping transformation. I couldn't even imagine it until I see your blog! I am loving the light fixtures you did in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Unknown said...

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NDEKEI . E ,N. said...

After reading this now I can get something to make my home amazing. I got these pool table lights earlier to rhyme with the outdoor pool table for my lawn. I am elated and beyond words.

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