Wednesday, July 6, 2016

~homeowner friendly curb appeal~

Over the years we have worked on adding curb appeal to our house, and while we continue to, I thought I'd show you how far we have come.
This is also a really good post to bookmark and refer back to, as all of these ideas are homeowner friendly, and easy to do yourself!

Starting way back in 1998……

This is not the same angle, but I wanted to show you how we updated it to the "after" as in the picture below and then show you it today.
The picture below was taken a few years back.
Obviously one of the main things we did after remodeling, was to add on cedar shingles.
This is NOT a hard thing to do, in fact, I did them myself.
A level, a pencil, a measuring tape, and a nail gun are all that are needed.
Fresh paint always helps too. Our trim is called Navajo White by Benjamin Moore.
We also added this trellis over the garage door.

Moving on to how it looks today:

About 5 years ago I started planting hydrangeas in all colors. As soon as I'd see them for sale at Home Depot, I'd buy a few and plant them.
In those 5 years they have become really established, and while they look pretty bad in the winter, I think their summer blooms make up for it.

Adding color like this has really boosted the curb appeal. In the photo above I had a water fountain, which was pretty, but I like the color better.

I also plant a ton of boxwoods.
I don't like to spend a ton of money on them, so I buy the tiny ones and water them frequently and use miracle grow on them to get them growing faster.

In these two pictures you can also see that I added window boxes. 
We made them and I painted them the same white as our trim.
I plant them with boxwoods also and they last year round. 
I will add annuals to them for color in the different seasons.
Right now I have purple violas mixed in with the boxwoods.

I like keeping the paint fresh and when it's looking a little ratty, I will pressure wash it and add a fresh coat or two.
You can rent pressure washers at any home improvement store.
A few weeks ago I repainted our garage door
{which someday will be updated with a more carriage style}
This color is called elegant.
It instantly gave it a brighter, cleaner look, and the fact that it won't fade made me very happy!

Adding beauty bark is another way to boost curb appeal and keep the weeds down at the same time.
I know some people that don't like bark, but it comes in so many different textures and colors, and I really like it.
I would say, stay away from the chunkier orange color and stick with a dark fine bark~just my personal preference.

If you have a blacktop driveway and it's a little cracked and dull, you can use a re-sealer to get that brand new look again.
I pressure washed the driveway, then when it was dry, my husband blew it off with the leaf blower and added the re-sealer.
This can get spendy, 
{depending on the size of your driveway, maybe not!}
but if you are looking to do this, it really does give a fresh look, and doing it yourself is much cheaper than hiring it out.
You can find a variety of sealers here, as well as crack fillers.
This picture was taken right after applying it, so it was still wet. It dries to a really nice flat black finish.

If you look carefully behind the big round boxwoods on either side of the garage door you can see some roses peeking up.
They are climbing white roses that I planted last year and they have really grown a lot. 
Hopefully this time next year they will be up to that trellis!

And finally, edging your lawn makes everything look so much better!
You can do it by hand or use an electric edging tool, but honestly it's one of my favorite things about our grass.
We also always fertilize our grass and keep it watered so it doesn't ever go brown.
I also happened to be obsessed with mowing, so once a week I will mow, sometimes more often.

I hope that gives you some simple ideas for adding your own curb appeal.
Thanks for keeping up with my sporadic summer posts, it's hard balancing kids, family, and blogging!



Tia said...

Stunning!!! Best curb appeal. My very favorite 😍 Do you add anything to keep the hydrangeas that beautiful purple/pink? Do you hand water or have a sprinkler system? And what do you fertilize your grass with. Whew lots of questions 😉 Thanks for sharing your beautiful place would love to see a full yard post, looks like a huge space!

Tina M. said...

Everything looks beautiful! I'm going to share a pic of your over-the-garage trellis as a "suggestion" to my hubby! LOL

I believe your driveway is "blacktop", not concrete? Ours is concrete but it is very light in color - and long - and steep!

We have very hot summers and lots of sun (not so much shade) around our home (TN). I only have a few spots I can use hydrangeas, but I have been adding them! Have one that has been in a pot since last summer (it's pink) and will be planting it in the ground this fall. We use pine straw here to mulch, although bark is our second favorite. Here you have to be careful with it though - termites like it. Like you, I'm not crazy about the orange, red, or even the very black mulch.

Julie @ Creating This Life said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love everything you've done. Thanks for sharing the pics and details.

Unknown said...

WOW! You have done a beautiful job enhancing your home...inside and outside. I love the curb appeal. Nice teamwork with your husband. Thanks for sharing. Lisa

Carol Neibling said...

Beautiful and so much work, but I know you must enjoy doing it. I buy the small shrubs and it's amazing how fast they grow. I have one hydrangea that is blooming, but even with fertilizer it doesn't grow big. May be the soil and heat we have here. Have been having 100 degrees for about a week with a few days of rain and cooler temp and now back to the heat. I have lots of lilies. They seem to do well in Ks.

Thanks for sharing. A lot of us have been fixer uppers long before Joanna Gaines.

Curtis said...

Wow, such a transformation. Your home is so beautiful.... I too buy the smallest least expensive plants, even buying those that are on their last legs, and then bring them back to life!! so pretty! I have 3 Hydrangeas that are in pots right now that I only paid $1.99 each for and they are ready to be put in the ground. Nothing better than making our homes pretty!

Unknown said...

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George Hudson said...

This is a beautiful idea . Good work. I love the way you maintained the house on the inside as well. :)

Jenny N said...

So beautiful landscape.

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