Tuesday, July 19, 2016

~how can I knock this off?~

My friend Jill suggested these stools for my kitchen and I am now completely obsessed with them.
The only problem? 
They are $650…..a piece!

So now I am on the hunt for some rush stools that maybe I can paint? 
If anyone else has any suggestions or knows where I can find 
something similar for a lot less, I am all ears!


Anonymous said...

Figi Bar Stool Crate and Barrel 279.00

Jenny said...

Those were my favorite, too. I couldn't convince my husband the $600+ price tag was worth it, so ended up going with a different style all together. Good luck!

Judy said...

Didn't you recently replace your kitchen bar stools? I like the ones you currently have (or had) better than these....the price of these stools is insane!

Anonymous said...

Several choices that are close on Overstock: Burlington Casual Tan Wooden barstool; Birdrock Home Espresso Mahogny Seagrass barstool; Preston Woven Wicker Outdoor Barstool (Set of 4)

T said...

I'm curiously going to check out the bar stools that have been suggested by the other posters, but I must say, I can't imagine why ANYONE with any sense would pay even HALF that price for those bar stools. Not a fan... But everyone has different tastes.

Frankly, #5, in your February 2016 blog post about bar stools, is my choice of the bar stools you've mentioned in your blog posts. Very unusual and eye-catching. Love!

And now... to go check out the others they've mentioned...

T said...








I think these are all lovely.

Unknown said...

I have the knock off version from Pier1 Imports. I would swear they are identical and a 1/3 of the price!

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