Thursday, July 14, 2016

~throwing it way back to "rate my space"~

Years and years and years ago I put my home out there for the world to see on a HGTV website called Rate My Space.
Do you all remember Rate My Space?
Some of you have commented that it is the first place you "met" me.
I think that is awesome.

I still cannot believe you all stuck with me after I myself went back and looked at some of the photos I posted! I guess it was nearly 10 years ago, but still!

Notice the high quality photography!
Cody's room after he grew out of his crib got a western theme.
I am so over themes now…..

Our dining room made one of the top 10 dining rooms featured!
{another high quality pic}


And almost 8 years ago we surprised our daughter while she was away at camp and re-did her room.
I will admit, I like this one.

Where is Rate My Space now?
I couldn't seem to find it on any google search.



Judy said...

Oh yes how well I remember RMS and your rooms Melaine! I fell in love with your shelves in your dining room and somewhat copied them....of course that "look" is long gone in my home (LOL)! I don't think RMS is even around anymore but I "met" a lot of future bloggers on that site, the one that introduced me to blogging was Cindi from My Romantic Home (I think she has quit blogging now but she's on FB).

We've all come a long way since RMS but your rooms continue to inspire me.

BaileyWife said...

I also did RMS, I remember watching how many people commented on my rooms and feeling so excited and vulnerable at the same time.... In a way, still watching the numbers on blogger and Instagram. Haha!

Unknown said...

Oh I remember RMS well. I met quite a few bloggers there. haven't thought of it in years 😐.
we have all changed our styles since those days . Hahahaha

Unknown said...

RMS is exactly where I found you! One thing that drew me in was your door with the house numbers on it...Still love your home and read your blog and Instagram faithfully! Had a dream last night that I was going to buy a last minute plane ticket so I could attend your sale. As I live in Massachusetts, clearly just a dream.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I was on RMS too, so many of us bloggers started there. I remember that cowboy bedroom too!!! RMS doesn't exist anymore, sadly. I have some of my posts saved but if I click on them they tell me RMS isn't there anymore.

Anonymous said...

I loved your old style! That is why I followed you all these years! You should always look back and embrace what you had. The chalk board wall, the quote on the basement stairs, the numbers on the door the dining room sign that said their is no place like home with a picture of your old house. These are all things that I loved and the reasons why I followed you! Miss those posts!

Tracey said...

I found you there too. And then found other blogs from your sidebar! I copied your painted words in our kitchen and still love them!

google mail said...

We've all come a long way since RMS but your rooms continue to inspire me. haha

tinab158 said...

I also "met" you via RMS a million years ago. :)

I had a few rooms form my home on there and could get lost for hours peeking into everyone's home. I received an email from RMS a while back (maybe the first of the year) saying they were closing the link to RMS forever.

Unknown said...

I remember all those posts you talked about too. I think that's when I first started following you too. Your kids were so young back then. I remember when you first decided to paint your wood walls and weren't sure if your husband would go for it. I loved the anticipation and daily update you did when you redid your daughters room while at camp. Keep it coming and I'm glad you show us more of the outside now too.

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