Tuesday, August 30, 2016

~outdoor modern furniture~{get the look}

I am LOVING these pieces.
I know it's almost fall, but don't forget about your outdoor spaces just yet!
These modern-ish pieces would be great for any sleek home or even a modern farmhouse.

Love, love, love this chair.
It looks super comfy too.

This accent table is fabulous:

And with an edison bulb, this light would look amazing!

How about this indoor/outdoor rug?

And a teepee for around $100? Ok!

This set of chairs looks high end, but the price is very good.

This little planter would look so cute with a succulent in it.

And to finish it all off, add your house numbers!

There ya go!
Your guide to the modern porch, sort of…. 



Summer said...

I am drooling over that light ♥


Robert said...

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