Friday, September 23, 2016

~how to achieve a "fluffy" bed~

There is nothing like getting in bed after a long day, so I like mine to be extra comfortable and cozy.

Just the right amount of pillows, soft sheets, of course a good mattress, and, a good quality down comforter.
I get asked this question a lot, "How do you make your bed look so full and fluffy?"

Well, here is my secret.
We have a queen size bed and a queen size duvet cover. 
But for that extra full look I add a king size comforter inside the duvet cover!
It makes it extra fluffy and gives that hotel look.
Then I add another folded at the foot of my bed, for looks, and also for those extra chilly winter nights.

Now, if you don't have a queen bed, but have a king, add a even larger insert. 
This one is called the "Palatial size" in a king. It will also give you that super full look on a king size bed.
It is 70 ounces of pure duck down, so plush and dreamy! 
This king comforter is what we have on our bed and we have been loving it ever since we got it.
In the past, I have gone to Target or even Bed Bath and Beyond for inserts, but nothing really compares to a good high quality one. It really will last you a lifetime.

You can find the rest of the sources for my bedroom below.
Wall color is Graphite by Benjamin Moore.
Juju hat over the bed from here.
Linen bedding and burlap pillows from here.
Kelly Wearstler pillow from here.
Drapes from here. 
Blinds from here.



Summer said...

Such a smart idea! I love a cozy and comfy bed too ♥

Tina M. said...

Looks beautiful! We don't use our top covers to actually cover up with. And, I am more a coverlet kind of gal, so our bed isn't usually puffy looking. We love using quilts and blankets but here in TN we don't get much really cold weather. Another little trick (works best with a comforter) is when you fold the comforter down at the end of the bed, insert two bed pillows (could be your "sleeping" pillows) into the fold.

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Phil Luther said...

So the headboard looks super awesome and comfy!

Anonymous said...

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