Tuesday, October 25, 2016

~elements of creating a cozy bed~

When it's the end of a long day and it's dark and cold and rainy out, all I really want to 
do is crawl in bed.

Here are my tricks for creating the ultimate cozy bed, using some new PineCone Hill bedding from Annie Selke.

1: Flannel or fleece sheets. Nothing is softer than either of these and they feel so good against your skin on a chilly night.

2 : Pile on the pillows. The more the merrier. I like to use a down or down alternative insert for maximum comfort.

3 : Use texture, and lots of it. Faux fur is always fun, and linen is comfy year round.

4 : Find texture and color in throw blankets. Toss one at the foot of your bed and use for an afternoon nap or just to snuggle up with.

Tip: take a pillow sham or two along shopping with you to find coordinating toss pillows. I matched this faux fur pillow easily by doing just that.

To shop this look, click on the bold links below.

Large stripe Euro Sham
Natural linen sham
Stonewashed natural linen duvet cover
Throw blanket
Similar sheet set
similar faux fur pillow.

To request a free copy of a nAnnie Selke catalog, simply click here.

And totally unrelated, but fun, my friend Jennifer Rizzo has fun jewelry course starting November 1st. Please see this post to register and hear more about it!



Tom said...

I think I'll try the faux fur. It's getting cool in weather.

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Alex Aiono said...

I lie down on my comfortable rollaway bed and stared up the ceiling. And then I suddenly remembered... KIM! Oh good Lord, we were supposed to talk tonight…

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Deepak said...


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