Wednesday, November 30, 2016

~a holiday tablescape~

This Friday is our annual Holiday Home tour where you can walk through 5 homes all decked out for Christmas!
If you live in or near Seattle, get your tickets, grab your girlfriends, and head on over for a day of fun!

I was lucky enough this year to be asked to decorate in one of the homes, home number 2 to be exact. 
My friend Monica and I spent the day there yesterday and I wanted to show you a couple peeks into the decorating of the dining room.

This paper mache deer head from Haley's Cottage might have to come home with me. 
I draped my preserved boxwood garland from Birch Lane around his neck and added a vintage ornament and ribbon to finish off the look.
I love how his nose looks like a heart.

We used all the homeowners stemware and dishes which were gorgeous.

In the center of the table we added a huge vintage dough bowl and filled it with greenery and vintage ornaments as well as some Balsam Hill un-breakable mercury glass ornaments I had.
{similar ones here and  here}

At each place setting we filled little vases up with water and added a simple sprig of pepper berries.
A Merry Christmas tag rests in each glass with some sparkly gold ribbon. 

Just a little peek into the tablescape.
I will have more photos from the house coming soon!


Unknown said...

You are so darn talented Melaine! Can't wait to see everything on Friday up close. So great of you to share your amazing design skills for Assistance League of the Eastside. Thank you!

designchic said...

I can't wait to see more, all looks gorgeous! Happy Thursday!

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