Wednesday, November 23, 2016

~a peak inside our mud room/basement~{with rugs USA}

Last week I showed you our porch outside our mud room decorated for the holidays. Today I am going to show you the inside and how it looks today!

Welcome, come on in out of the cold!

The latest addition to this space is 2 new rugs from Rugs USA.
I fell in love with the texture and pattern of these jute rugs.
Besides being stylish, they are very budget friendly.

This multi purpose room serves as storage, a room for our doggies, an area for the kids to play games, a reading nook, and storage for all of our sports equipment. 
It truly is a multi purpose room. 
If you'd like to see how I made this room over for the One Room Challenge, please go here 

Having something cozy underfoot on the cold cement floors is something that was much needed!

Check out Rugs USA for more great deals on rugs.



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