Friday, November 4, 2016

~my favorite drugstore girlie products~

The drug store, the grocery store, Target, you can find all these products easily at these places.
They are my favorite inexpensive beauty products. 

Your makeup will stay put all day and still look fresh with this finishing mist:

I swear by this stuff, and it smells like roses too. 

I use these every night to take off my makeup before washing my face.

I also slather on Vitamin E oil every night before bed, face and neck.

I won't use anything besides this in the shower or tub. It's exfoliating and smells good enough to eat.

This is my favorite mascara.

And finally, my favorite nail color, found here.

What's in your makeup bag? 
I'd love to hear some of your secret beauty products! Leave them in the comment section below.



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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! I ordered a few things on amazon! I always want to try new things but seeing the variety is intimidating!

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