Wednesday, January 4, 2017

~bathroom storage/organization~

Last spring I made over our master bath for the One Room Challenge.
As you may or may not know, our home is fairly small and I look everywhere to squeeze in bits more storage for organization.
One way I did that in our bathroom was to add these 2 large cabinets flanking the sink.
They have adjustable shelves and glass fronts so you can see all your stylish storage.

In one of the cabinets I added a little coffee bar.
I don't function to well in the mornings before I have coffee, so I wanted it nearby.
While it might seem odd to some to have a coffee/tea bar in the bathroom, it makes perfect sense for us. This Keurig has been my favorite instant coffee maker.
It is programmable, but I have yet to use that function.
Next to the coffee maker I have a little wooden flea market tray filled with mix and match white mugs and a bottle that I keep filled with water.
This way I can easily fill the Keurig when the level gets low.
The top baskets hold pods of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.
Piles and piles of extra white towels come in very handy, and contrast nicely with the black cabinets as well.

The other cabinet on the far side holds items we don't use quite as often.
These cute bins as well as more of the seagrass baskets, hold tubes of sunscreen, extra makeup, travel cosmetic bags, etc. 

It was just what we needed to keep everything stored stylishly.
Don't be afraid to keep things you use daily within an arms reach.
Storing them nearby in great containers is an easy solution.

Hope you are having a great day!

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