Monday, January 23, 2017

~black & white & why I love it~

My favorite color combination, black and white. 
I am a huge fan of contrast, and that is evident in our home.
Black keeps things from looking to feminine and grounds a space.
When something white is in front of something black, or vice versa, the item really pops. 
Take this juju hat for example in our master bedroom. I love the way it stands out against the black walls. 
{graphite by Benjamin Moore} 

And notice the drapes too, they have so much contrast with the paint which makes for a elegant clean look.

In our master bathroom I have painted the walls Benjamin Moores SeaPearl and added black with the cabinets, lighting, and artwork.
To see a full list of bathroom sources, go here.

And in our basement I carried the black and white theme in the drapery, {discontinued Ikea fabric} 
pillows and other accessories.
The stair runner leading upstairs is a classic black an white stripe.

In our daughters room, and faux zebra rug and painted black canopy bed {similar} add nice contrast to the light walls.

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Happy Monday friends!


Tina M. said...

Would you mind to tell me where the sconces in your daughters room came from? Thanks!!

[email protected] Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Everything looks beautiful! The black and white looks elegant, homy and fabulous! I love your bedroom!

T said...

Always a fan of black and white. You're right -- You've nailed the pop! Beautiful.

Donna said...

Everything is perfect. Love your style as always.

Unknown said...

I'm love black and white. Never goes wrong with this two colors for design. I I found a company online called Furnishr. They furnished my home simple yet stylish primarily with all black and white. If you would be interested, check them out You probably can get inspired by their designs as well.

Melaine said...

They are from lucent light shop on etsy!

CJ said...

Love your style. Definitely one of my favourite blogs. Please do an updated house tour!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Everything looks beautiful! The black and white looks elegant, homy and fabulous! I love your bedroom!.
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Justin said...

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