Thursday, January 26, 2017

~blue & white at Pottery Barn~

I went to the mall last week and was in display envy at Pottery Barn.

They have a new selection of blue and white and it was so pretty!
Here are a couple pictures I took with my cell phone while I was there.

Oh man, so good!

Look at some of these pieces that yes, I will be adding to my blue and white collection!

If you want to buy a whole 16 piece dinnerware set, this is the one!

There is boat plates:

The bowls:

And look at this platter!

After shopping at Pottery barn I went next door to Williams Sonoma where I saw some more blue and white goodness.

This jar is fabulous:

I snapped this quick picture of the table filled with blue and white and this brass chandelier that I have always wanted!

Here is a much better picture of it off their website:

So so good!



Sunny said...

Ahhh, Melaine! We have lust in our hearts for the same things! Gorgeous!!

Sunny said...

Peace of art....very nice post...thanks for posting...


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