Friday, January 27, 2017

~farmhouse finds on etsy~

I always look to Etsy for unique items at affordable prices. It's also an amazing place to find items for every style, but today I am showing you some of my favorite items that will help you achieve the ever so popular farmhouse look!
Ok, these are reproduction, but I love them and couldn't help adding them to the post!

I have a thing for cubbies......
How cute would this be on a porch? 

These would be great for any do it yourself project.

White pottery is a must in Farmhouse decor.

This right here my friends is a blue and white bargain!

I love crocks and this one has the best colors ever!

Breadboards, a must.

Etsy is also a good place to start or add to a silver-plate collection.
The detail on these spoons is so pretty!



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