Wednesday, January 25, 2017

~how we made our kitchen island lighting~

I have had so many questions about this, and am just now getting around to addressing it!
When we gave our kitchen a makeover for the One Room Challenge
{you can read about it and get all the sources here}

In our kitchen we have a large island. Above the island we have a skylight.
This posed a dilemma. Why? Because we wanted to be able to hang 2 pendant lights, but only had room for one box in the ceiling due to the skylight.

So, we had to get tricky and "rig" something up.

We picked 2 of these pendant lights. Loved them then, still love them.

In order to make them work we had to come up with something creative.
We had done projects in the past with industrial pipe and thought it would be perfect for this project.
Here is what we came up with.
If you are planning on doing this project, it is very simple. The measurements, meaning which length pipe you buy will just depend on your island length and how big you want your overall fixture to be.

You will need 5 straight pipes. The one that you see coming down from the ceiling, the two horizontal pieces, and the two short vertical pieces.
For reference, here are the ones we used.
Vertical piece from the ceiling is 4', this one.
The 2 horizontal pieces in between the tee are 18",  this one.
And the two smaller vertical pieces are 6" found here.
You will also need 1 tee, and 2 elbows.
At the bottom of each 6" pipe there is a end cap to finish it off nicely. My husband drilled a hole in the closed side of it. It can hold a cord end stop, or you can do what we did and just tie the cord in a knot. The wiring is then all concealed within this cap.
Note that these plumbing pieces come in black and a galvanized steel color.
We used the galvanized steel color to match the fixtures. However, these pieces can easily be spray painted. Part of me wants to make my whole fixture brass with spray paint!
The wires from the fixture slide through all the piping. It takes a couple people to maneuver it, but it wasn't hard. 

Let me know if you try this!


ŁÓżka piętrowe said...

I love this style. All decorated very tastefully.

Amber Koogler said...

Beautiful!!! This looks awesome and I could totally see it painted copper or brass! Pinned!

tenislvr said...

Looks great...but How did you secure it inside the skylight?

Suzi (The Pillow Studio) said...

Love this! I definitely need to try this at home! :)

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