Tuesday, January 31, 2017

~MD Haney~{a creative class}

I recently took a trip to McMinville Oregon to attend a creative class hosted by my
 friend Holly Mathis.
The class was hosted in the cutest little shop called MD Haney. If you are ever in that area, this is a must see!

The town in darling, filled with quaint shops, wineries, and some of the best restaurants. 
But, what I want to show you today is some photos I took of MD Haney, because it was so darling! You can also see more on a feature done by Restyle Source here.
Darci and her husband have completely redone this space, which included ripping off layers of wallpaper and drywall to be happily surprised to find original wood walls from 1936!

The class itself was held upstairs in a darling white shiplapped room, and centered around a giant table that her husband made!

But, I want to show you pictures of the shop itself!
Darci carries a variety of products including Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, 

What a treat to be able to see it in person!
Darci also has a blog which you can visit here.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!



Darci Haney said...

So, so very sweet of you! Thank you for the kind words and all of the great pictures! I sure hope we get to see each other again soon!!! It was so fun to have you!!


Unknown said...

So fun! I want one {maybe two} of each pillow they have! I love the patterns and darling details.

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