Thursday, January 5, 2017

~thrifty Thursday~{dresser makeover}

Yesterday I talked about how we try and maximize storage in our home, and addressed the bathroom cabinets. Today I'd like to share with you how I added a dresser to my sons closet for extra storage.
With it being the inside of the closet, I didn't want to spend a fortune on something brand new.
But I also didn't want something flimsy that was warped, or going to fall apart after a few years.
So when I was out thrifting one day and came across a solid wood dresser in excellent condition, I knew it would be the one!
It needed a little tlc, it was a tad dated and had no hardware.
But the drawers slid in and out easily and it was solid wood and very well made.
When I need something for my home, I keep the measurements handy in the notes section on my phone.
I also carry around a tape measure.
I measured it and it was going to be the perfect fit.
It was marked $169.00 which was kind of high for a thrift shop, but I used a 30% off coupon to make it more reasonable.
Now, don't get me wrong. If this was going to be a major focal point in my home I wouldn't blink twice at $169.00, but for a kids closet, the coupon made me feel better about the purchase.

I came home and before putting it in place, painted it blue.
I wanted a navy blue, so I chose Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue and added black wax to the top.
It turned out the perfect navy.
I went with Annie Sloan paint because I didn't want to do an prep. I wanted to bring this dresser home, paint it quickly and get it in.
I left the top of it white and had the whole thing painted and waxed in a few hours.

After the paint and wax were dry, I headed to Lowes and picked up some hardware.
I was originally going to do brass bar pulls, but my son had a say in it, and so we ended up with these pulls. I couldn't find them on the Lowes website, but here is some similar ones.
I do love how they look on the dresser.
Before and after:
The size is perfect for his closet and hopefully the new storage will encourage him to pick up after himself! Wishful thinking, I know....

The orange striped bins can be found here.
{they come in many colors}
What do you think?
I love how it turned out and love that it was so easy to transform!



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Melaine said...

Well thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Blondie's Journal said...

This is awesome and you are good! I'd love to dad seen more pics of the top.:)


Andrew said...

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ferncreekcottage said...

What a difference paint and hardware make! The dresser looks terrific!

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