Monday, January 9, 2017

~top posts of ALL TIME~

On Friday I shared with you my top posts of 2016.
What I learned is that you guys like DIY, room and exterior transformations, as well as holidays-
my kinda people!

Now to throw a curve ball in things.
Here are my top 5 posts of all time. 
In all the years of my blogging, through every topic, here they are, and they are a bit surprising.

Let's start with number 5:

Yes it's a good one, but it shocked me that it's number 5!

Number 4 top post of all time is.......

This one was posted before I redid our kitchen for the One Room Challenge.

Moving onto number 3:

This one has had 255,676 views!

Number 2:

This is so outdated {2012} that I am embarrassed to post!
I am working on a new home tour that I hope to have out very soon for all of you with links to everything!

And are you curious what the number 1 ALL TIME post is?
Remember, I have been blogging for a very long time.

Top blog post of all time is:

Another one I am embarrassed to share!

I think this was when I was still using a camera phone for my blog photos and our bedroom looks so dated! I guess it was 8 years ago!

Again, thank you all for following along.
I know some of you have been with me here from the beginning.
Here's to new great things in 2017!



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