Tuesday, February 14, 2017

~an eclectic home tour~

Over the weekend I was flipping through the pages of my HGTV magazine that the mailman ever so kindly delivered to me.
I stopped dead in my tracks on page 90, because it featured the coolest home.
It prompted me to google the owners and find out more.
I wanted to see more photos of this gorgeous home! 
Here is what I found, and for even more photos, you can go here.
I hope you love it as much as I do!
These sconces need to get in my house, like now.
I'm totally digging this daybed too.
Here is a way less expensive version.

I mean really, how perfect is this room?

I love how she layers rugs.

The lighting in this house is phenomenal.

Huge master bedroom, from above. I love all the white walls, black windows and doors, and pops of color in the rugs and pillows.

The bright art on the white walls really pop.
And those red chairs don't hurt either!

Those ceilings!

Barstools can be found here.

This wallpaper is graphic enough to just cover one wall like this homeowner did.
This exact paper can be found here.

And how cute is this kids bathroom?
This cement tile is amazing.

So good, right?
Be sure to check out other interiors they have staged and styled, right here.



Karen Larko said...

Wow! Everything is so perfect!

Cindy Keller said...

The pictures are gorgeous Melaine and the 11th picture shows wallpaper that looks like some kind of ancient tongue written on it:) More so is the coordination with red sofa which look so purposeful and the way the rugs are used...truly admirable!

Teresa Halminton said...

Coolest house <3 Thank you for sharing! I visited the page to see more photos~~ They even had a small pool! What a perfectly dream house~
instagram online

Linda said...

Meh. Just not my cup of tea at all.

Empresa de Pinturas em SP said...

Following the srtigo we find several new features that inspire us in new projects thank you very much.

five nights at freddy's said...

well this is just a wonderful idea! I’m definitely bookmarking this for my house fnaf world

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