Wednesday, February 8, 2017

~best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies~

We've been getting snow, schools have been cancelled, so while the kids are outside playing, I am inside baking!
These are my favorite cookies. The trick is to take them out before they look completely cooked, and let rest on the cookie sheet until cooled. 
I have found using a ice cream scoop makes the perfect size and is also the right size for the 10 min. cook time.

Don't forget to pin this so you have it easily accessible for future reference!


Tina M said...

Yes, that's another bad thing about snow days, it makes me want to eat! And not my regular healthy eating!!

LJ said...

They sound great,what measurement is a stick of butter?
We have ours in 500gram blocks here in New Zealand ❤

Anonymous said...

A stick of butter is half a cup.

Cindy said...

These are very good. We are on our second blizzard in three days so what else to do but bake! Thank you for sharing the recipe.


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