Thursday, February 9, 2017

~farmhouse flowers~

One thing I always have in our home is fresh flowers. 
They don't have to be expensive flower arrangements either.
In the winter I will cut holly off a tree from the yard for an instant red and green arrangement.

In the spring I like to cut wildflowers and plop them in a container.

Whenever flowers or greens aren't available for picking, I will pick up inexpensive bouquets from the grocery store.
I thought I'd share with you today how I created 3 different arrangements from one bouquet of grocery store flowers.

You can also get creative with the containers you put them in as well.
Think outside the box. 
When I was at the grocery store I bought some canned tomatoes and after bringing them home, realized the container coordinated perfectly with the flowers!

Trader Joes has great packaging on some of their foods, perfect for this project.
I love how "un" perfect they are, exactly the look I was going after.

Another arrangement I made was in a thrift store coffee mug. 
It's a small arrangement that would look great tucked on a shelf or on a tray on a coffee table.

And finally, when looking to make a simple farmhouse flower arrangement, again, look in your kitchen cupboards. I have this old green flour canister that works great as a vase.

One bunch of flowers made 3 different simple farmhouse arrangements.
You don't have to use any fancy expensive vases.
Just poke around your kitchen and see what interesting containers you can come up with.

Care to see how my other friends put together their floral arrangements? Click on the links below:



thistlewoodfarm said...


Love the arrangements. Isn't it awesome how one flower bunch can be so much more.

Thanks for inspiring me today!


Darci Haney said...

Super cute arrangements! I love buying flowers at Trader Joe's too!!! You just inspired me to pick some up....happy Thursday!

Julie Blanner said...

I LOVE having fresh flowers in our home as well! They add so much life to any room. And I love the containers, so practical but beautiful!

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jumini said...

waw. that so cute and awesome to share.

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