Friday, February 3, 2017

~removable wallpaper~

Removable wallpaper is all the rage!
I have yet to try it but am curious if any of you have?
Does it really stick?
Does it hold up well?
I have found several {below} that I love and am tempted to try.
I love the idea of it not being so permanent, because if you are anything like me, you change things up often!
This stripe would be great in an entryway or powder room, or even on the ceiling.

This grey grass cloth is one I've been dying to try:

This reminds me of a high end wallpaper I've always wanted to use.
But the peel and stick version here is really intriguing.

I love this one for a laundry room or powder room:

If you are craving a bit more color, this would be a fun one!

And I think this one would make a bold statement in an entryway!

Let me know in the comment section if you've ever used it and what you think of it!
Happy Friday!



Unknown said...

I used it in my 1/2 bath/laundry room on one wall. The room had been painted a denim blue color about three years ago. The wallpaper was not completely opaque and when I lifted it off the wall to adjust it, the blue paint came off in chunks. When I laid the paper back down, you can see where the paint came off through the paper. The instructions said to put it on walls that if painted had cured for at least three weeks. As I mentioned, my wall had been painted three years ago! When I eventually remove the paper I'm afraid I may have to skim coat the wall as its really a mess. Love the idea of removable paper but now very leery about using it again.

Anonymous said...

I used a small amount in the back of a kitchen cabinet with glass doors. I'm not sure if there are any issues there because I don't open those doors much. I also used some in our pantry on a wood box that closed in our air return. It's only been a few months and I've already ripped it off because it was peeling off around the bottom. I will add here that I put it up over existing shelf liner. I don't know if it peeled up because of that but I will say when I pulled it off I was very glad it wasn't sheetrock that I put it on. I had to really pull to get it off and the shelf liner came off with it. I've tried pulling a piece of the same shelf liner off one of the shelves and it's not going anywhere. I think it's sheetrock in the cabinet that I put it in and I'm not excited about having to take it off when I get tired of it.

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