Friday, February 10, 2017

~the best wood side table~

I get a lot of comments and questions repeatedly about a few things in our home.
One is our sectional which you can read about here.
The other question is about this great table in our dining room.
{styled here for summer}

{styled here for fall}

Well, I just found it here for the cheapest I've ever seen it, so I thought I'd pass it along!

It's even better in person and is so versatile.
It could be used in a bedroom, family room, kitchen, or living room.

We used a lot of products from this store in our daughter Savannah's room too, and I truly am happy with them all!
To view her room and others, click on the "tour my home"
tab at the top of this page, or click right here.


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Lynne W said...

In my world, $398 is a lot to spend on a sidetable!

Sunny said...

Good blog but little expensive

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Helen Dandan said...

yes I agree very expensive but she probably got it free from Soft Surroundings

Melaine said...

Chiming in here! No, Helen, I didn't get the table from Soft Surroundings. It is a bit higher than say your typical TJ Maxx piece, but I am truly happy with it and how it looks and functions. I believe in high and low. I love getting good deals, thrifting, antiquing, garage saling, etc. However, I do like to mix in pieces that will last a lifetime and I think this is one of those :)

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