Tuesday, March 21, 2017

~how to age new pots~

This is a very easy method to make your new terra-cotta pots look like they've been around for ages.
The trick is adding layers.
To achieve this look I started with a dry brush of cream paint.
You can use white or any light color.

Then I stippled on some dark grey in random spots, using a very 
dry brush.

While the paint was still a bit wet, I used a dampened paper towel to "blend" the 2 colors together, concentrating on getting rid of any brush strokes.

Finally I used a combination of dark wax and light wax, and applied it randomly with a paper towel all over the pots.
If you don't have wax, some alternatives would be:
watered down brown paint and varathane in a matte finish, and or shoe polish.

With a clean paper towel or rag, "buff" the entire pot.
That's it! You are all done!


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