Wednesday, March 29, 2017

~how to organize a tiny laundry room~

We have a very small laundry room off of our kitchen.
It's about 5' x 5'
We used to have a stackable washer and dryer in it, and I didn't care for it at all.
It was time for a new washer/dryer anyway, so we opted this time for a side by side, which I love so much better.

To see what the room looked like before, please visit this post.

I decided to ship lap the room using simple pieces of 1x 6 pine.
I painted it Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.

I left the floors but added shelving to the walls using wood brackets from Home Depot and more pine wood painted out in Alabaster.

I found a wood peg rack at a thrift store and gave it the Alabaster treatment as well.
I hung it over the washer and dryer. 
The FEED bag holds lost socks, and the towels are there for spills, {and to hide some plumbing} and the breadboards are there because I had nowhere else for them.

The baskets from Ikea hold all the clutter.
There is one for specifically for chargers, which are all labeled and zip tied up.
There is one for painting supplies.
Another for Swiffer sweeper pads, another for laundry soaps, trash bags, and finally one for random tools.

The rack on the inside of the door we have had forever and it is a life saver in a small space.
You can find it here.
I have it filled with my Mrs. Meyers obsession and paints that I use regularly.

The hamper is narrow and hides the computer router in the corner.

Since the laundry room is basically in the kitchen, I have added these kitchen fire extinguishers and a handy battery rack.

One of the fun quirky things in the laundry room is a 
huge commercial first aid kit.
I painted over the front with white spray paint and added the words 
to the front.

I think I have squeezed every square inch out of the space I can.

Once the door is shut, there is a chalkboard where you can make your shopping list.

I hope this helps you squeeze in some extra space if you share a tiny laundry room like us!


Taste of France said...

That is one amazing laundry room. Mine is dark and creepy in the basement, and there's a big pipe that I have to duck under to get to the tiny window (which I like to open for air circulation during the day), and I inevitably hit my head on it.
European houses just don't have closets and pantries and nooks and crannies like this. We don't have a single closet in our house--everything is in big wardrobes, which are pretty antiques, but still. It makes it hard to find a place for practical stuff like your battery organizer, or to have a closet door that you can hang an organizer from.
In any case, you did a great job with your small space!

Melaine said...

Thank you! I think wardrobes sound great!

MDezri said...

This is wonderful!! SO organized! I think I need about a week's break from my regular life and I could get our household organized! If you are ever up on Vancouver Island, I could use your amazing decor skills...and a little organizing fun too!! We have an amazing "old" farmhouse that has such great potential and loads (cupboards plum-full) of great decor stuff, just needs someone to put it all together! You, my friend, would be amazing!

ALways love your posts! XO

Melaine said...

How fun!!!! Yes!

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