Friday, March 31, 2017

~our industrial pipe closet system~

To go back to the original post, when the closet was empty, please go here.
This closet system, although time consuming to install, was one of the best things we have ever created. It's sturdy, practical, and gives us a lot of storage space.
We combined the pipe with rough wood, and added locker baskets for shorts, socks, etc. 

One end has a full length mirror, while the other end has "diy pipe hooks" to hold hats and bags.
One side holds the clothes and the other side shoes, pajamas, and gym clothes.

But I think my favorite part is all the shoe storage!
There is 6 shelves for shoes, plenty for both of us.

To see more industrial pipe closets, click here.
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Lisa @ 2Perfection Decor said...

Such a great idea!!! Looks so amazing!

Unknown said...

Closet inspiration! Looks great!

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