Thursday, April 6, 2017

~Old Silver Shed~{home tour}

My friend Sandra lives in the most idyllic home ever!
It's right on Cape Cod in charming Massachusetts.
No wonder her instagram account is close to 100 thousand followers!
She was sweet enough to send me a bunch of photos of her home to share with all of you.

 Let's start with the exterior, the gardens, the view, everything!
The grey shingles are just the beginning of what is to come.

One can only dream.....

Are you ready to go inside?
Ahhhh, it's like a breath of fresh air!
Simple, clean, modern, yet fresh with vintage touches.

The library off the entry.
The neutral tones in this room are so soothing.

Sandra found this sign in the grass at an old junk guys place, ready for the burn pile! 
It is huge, 48x31! 

And straight ahead when you walk in, the guest bedroom.
I'd like to be a guest here.

I love that pine piece and the paintings.

Ready to see the kitchen?
Believe it or not, Sandra is getting ready to make big changes in here.
I think it's perfection. Those beams are fabulous!

Sweet puppy!

I would do dishes all day long if I had that view!

And off the kitchen is the dining room.
A fireplace in the dining room would be so cozy.

As you can see, she likes to change things up often, just like me, and I am sure so many of you!

Let's take a look at some of the bathrooms.
The master bath~gorgeous!
I love how all the nickel pops against the neutral walls in the home.

The kids bath.
The wash your hands" and "hand" vase are so fun and whimsical. Perfect for a kids bath!

And the powder room.
What's not to love about this space?
I love how she rolls up extra towels and stores them in baskets.
And that mirror is stunning.

Boy oh boy.
Vintage portraits! Love, love, love.
They CAN be used in more modern spaces!

Check out that industrial shelf under the rustic wood counter.
A great mix!

Moving onto the family room.
Sandra made this clock. If you look closely, you will see it reads, "unwind"

Notice how she mixes a modern sectional with a vintage chippy cabinet!

And now the master bedroom.
It looks like a hotel room, and I mean that in the best way.
Very chic.

And look at the view off the bedroom!

And one of the kids rooms.
Straight our of a magazine right?

And the other.
Modern, minimalistic, and monochromatic.

Juxtaposed with a vintage chippy desk.

The laundry room is equally as charming.
Vintage safety pins hold up the curtain on pieces of driftwood.

The mudroom leading to the laundry room is dreamy.
That bench is amazing.
I love how she hung the wire basket from the shelf.

And the garage/carriage house.

With space to play above:

And one final picture to make you drool over, their outdoor shower.....

Be sure to go follow along with Sandra on Instagram, as sadly she doesn't have a blog. 


Taste of France said...

Thank you for sharing this! It's a beautiful home with many personal touches. I love that it doesn't look like a repeat of everything I see everywhere.
Those fireplaces are works of art.

Heidi said...

What a treat on a dreary, rainy morning here in CT to sit and look at these gorgeous images and then discover Sandra and oldsilvershed on Instagram. I want to be her friend!!! Her home is lovely and inspiring (just like yours!). Thanks for sharing!

Cecilia Bramhall said...

Wow, that is an amazing home! Thank you for sharing.

hoa pikey said...

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Kristina G said...

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charlotte Lindsay said...

This home is so stunning. They flawlessly integrated modern and more rustic pieces. The blue door is what brings the first modern flair to the home, such a good pop of color to a mainly grayish-brown exterior.

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