Wednesday, April 5, 2017

~One Room Challenge~

I can't believe I am going to do it, but I really need a change in our............

Linda from Calling It Home is the one behind the One Room Challenge.
I have done two rooms in the past for the ORC.
You can see the bathroom here and our basement here.

This will not be the biggest transformation, but small tweaks that I think will make a big impact!
Here is is today.

Here is what I am keeping:
The table, it has sentimental value.
The dog :)

Here is what I am getting rid of:

The black hutch, do I hear gasping?
And I am going to relocate that corner table to another spot in the house.

Why am I doing this? 
I need the room to function better. 
When we have company, it is too tight trying to get around the table to the window side. Between the hutch and the stairs there just isn't enough room. 
The skylights have water stains in them from a previous leak.
I am not sure how to fix those, but I am going to look into that, as they have been like that for years and I am tired of looking at them.
As much as I love that hutch, I need even more storage.
I have a growing collection of dishes and such and need even more storage.
Can you ever have enough?

Next week I will share some inspiration photos with you.
It's going to be a bit more modern, but still a good mix of vintage and modern.

Stay tuned!



Layla said...

I love that picture so much! It is so nice and cozy! I a, one of the dissertation writers for hire and we have just moved for the new office. I would like to organize it like on this picture!

Taste of France said...

I am so glad to hear I'm not the only one with sentimental attachments to furniture. I could never be someone who jettisons furniture and buys new just for the sake of changing.
When we have dinner parties, one side of the table has just enough room if someone needs to get up and out, but I don't try to serve from there. We usually serve family-style, not plated, so I start the serving dishes on one end and they get passed around. Plating is a nice for pretty presentation, but it keeps the hostess away from the table while they're doing it, and I find passing dishes is just more convivial.

Unknown said...

For water stain: I heard Kilz primer original) is very good - it stops the stain from seeping through new paint (there is mold version too to prevent mold)

If you are ok with a bit unusual configuration, how about arranging the table diagonally in the room? We have similar problem, and doing so on ours allows some space to go to the other side.


Unknown said...

where did the table come from? love it!!

charlotte Lindsay said...

Switching up some simple home decor or even re-arranging a space can completely transform it. I am so looking forward to see how you switch things up, it looks like a kinda tricky space to decorate.

Julie Blanner said...

I can't wait to see what you do! It's beautiful as it is but I know you'll make it even better.

bsurrounded said...

That window and view is just stunning. Have you ever turned your table the other direction?

Iris Nacole said...

It's already so beautiful, so I can only imagine it's going to get even more so. Can't wait to follow along!

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