Wednesday, April 26, 2017

~recent styling work~

It's so fun for me when friends ask me for my help on styling or re-decorating.
Yesterday I helped out a longtime friend on freshening up her entry and styling some built ins in her family room.

Here is a before of her great wood built ins.

Since the wood is so dark, I wanted to brighten it up a bit with accessories and art.
I am a huge fan of contrast as you know, so I brought in some of artwork made by here aunt, and framed with big white mattes.

The best part is that we literally just shopped her house for these shelves. I grabbed some white bowls from her kitchen, grouped together a bunch of her pottery pieces, and brought in a ton more books, which I removed the dust jackets from.
She is going to frame a big family photo for over the mantle, so the art there is just there in the meantime.
I think my favorite part is the art hanging on the fronts.
We used command hooks so we didn't have to nail into the nice wood shelving.

Let take a look at the right side closer.
The before:

And the after:

The left side before:

And after:

A few more after photos:

When we were done in here we focused on updating the entryway.
How many of you have these built in niches?


This area was screaming for more, and also some color.
I brought over some of my blue and white pieces, and they now have a new forever home.
I stole the orchid from another room as it adds height to the space.
And the grouping of pottery is so much better don't you agree?

And in the picture above you can see a glimpse of a half table that was made over too.
Here is the before of that:

The homeowner is ditching all her red and I am so glad she did!
It made room for this blue and white lamp which is also much more proportionate.
I used the same framed pictures of her kids and took the mirror down for a lighter feel.

On the stair wall opposite the half table, I hung a couple vintage bird prints that also have blue in them. 

All this only took about 2 hours.
I think it looks so much fresher and brighter, wouldn't you agree?
I love that we were able to incorporate her families art and re-use almost everything on the shelving.

Just goes to show that shopping your house can be a good thing!



Barbara said...

I do love the lighter look, Melanie. Blue and white pieces seem to go in just about any decor and looks especially lovely in this home. You're right, just a little "shop your home" is all it needed.

Might you have a source for the bird pictures? They would be perfect for our home. Thanks!

Melaine said...

Hi! Thank you! The bird prints are vintage and I had them framed at framebridge. I'd look online, even old books!

Melaine said...

Barbara, I have 2 more I'd be willing to sell. If you're interested email me at [email protected]

[email protected] Stroll Thru Life said...

I tried to send you an email about the 2017 Summer Home Tour. Not sure it went through or not. Email me if you can.

Melaine said...

Yes, did you get my response? I'm in!

Barbara said...

Thanks Melanie for your willingness to sell your two. You're the best! Unfortunately, I need six. I'll keep on looking online and hopefully will find some just like the ones in your post.


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