Friday, May 26, 2017

~designer Caitlin Wilsons home~

You guys, I messed up my shoulder pretty good and will be posting more sporadically until it heals.  Please bear with me!

Caitlin Wilson has a gorgeous home only a few hours from me in beautiful Portland Oregon.

Lets take a look shall we?

Happy weekend friends!



Chris said...

I can relate-it's excruciating ! I just went through over 6 weeks of a bursitis/tendonitis inflammation -and the worst is sleeping ! Ibuprofen, ice and some PT exercises (arnica or sports gel ointment)... Hope you feel better soon !

Nadege said...

Beautiful home! Checks and plaid are my favorite. So tasteful! I do hope you feel better.

html color said...

great. My friends and relatives will be envious to see this wonderful room. It's beautiful, luxurious and modern.

Tim G. Medina said...

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