Wednesday, May 24, 2017

~home tour~{part 2}

Today's post is a follow up to yesterdays.
Yesterday you saw the exterior and gardens of a gorgeous home that belongs to one of my friends.
Today I am taking you inside to show you what a lovely job they did turning this house into a home.

Lets jump right in with the entry.
This canvas is a photo the homeowner took.
A comfy rug and little bench as well as a few personal items complete the look.

Right off the entry is the living room.
As you know, my home is full of neutrals.
But that doesn't mean I don't love color.
This house is full of it and it just makes me happy!

The homeowner painted this piece of her daughter.

Next up is the cool staircase that is right off the dine in kitchen.
{looking back to the living room bookshelves}

There is a large round dining table under this fabulous round Ralph Lauren chandelier.
The encaustic painting is done by Willow Bader and might have been one of my favorite things in her home, although there were so many.

The kitchen itself is gorgeous with it's 2 tone cabinets, high end appliances, and built in espresso machine.

Off the kitchen is a little breakfast room that leads out to the backyard.
Sign made by yours truly.
Email me if you are interested in one.

A pair of old leather chairs, down pillows, and soft blankets are the perfect place to start or end your day.

The kitchen does not have a pantry, so off the other side there is a room dedicated to "food and wine"
Did you ever think food could look so good?

Opposite the "pantry" is a "wine bar"

More paintings from the homeowner.

Would you like to see where she paints?
Right behind these barn doors.......

Tons of light fills this studio.

 So, what do you think?
Beyond inspiring right?
I hope you loved every inch of it as much as I did.



Faryl said...

Such a gorgeous balance of work, play and creativity! Just beautiful - I esp. love the pop of the island in the kitchen.

Also, as someone who went to Monmouth College and still has friends and family in the area, thumbs up for the Monmouth Pottery piece! I remember joking about going to The Pottery Barn.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Elegant but welcoming. Do you know who makes the draw handles you featured? Also I love your friend's art work. Does she have a website?

Melaine said...

Yes! There's a link to picket fence studio in the previous post!

Unknown said...

The handles are from Rejuvenation Hardware.

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